Klimbing Kundalini

Real=Ideal: Yoga of Body Acceptance

Celebrate your beautiful body with this 40 Sadhana Challenge! You may not lose those last ten pounds, but you might just lose the urge to lose those last ten pounds as you deepen your connection with your body temple. Through this engaging and challenging combination of kriya, meditation, journaling and art explore your physical form as a perfect expression of Divinity as it is at the present moment. Let your radiance shine. Be your most beautiful Self now!

Sat Nam and Happy New Year from Klimbing Kundalini!

With gratitude and awe we say farewell to 2010! What a glorious year of expansion. So many blessings! Such love! From this place of deep appreciation for what is already in your experience, I invite you to take a look at your resolutions this year. Instead of trying to lose some pounds or make more money or drink less coffee or whatever you feel you must do to be more okay, I challenge you to replace those resolutions with just one. Accept yourself as you are. Right now. This year, try resolving to look deeply at yourself and your life and take a steps towards greater loving enjoyment of who you are right now. Revel in the perfection of the present moment. To help you with this simple, yet daunting task, I am happy to offer this workshop.